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The path of darkness
Inside the emptiness within
Stretching outwards constantly
In pursuit of nothingness,
An infinite void
Of voids between spaces
With boundaries undefined
Keeps binded all together
And beholds no secrets
As dissolves self eternally
Into a bottomless pit of despair
That engulfs all knowledge.

dark matter

Well Fared 2016

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The power of imagination that develops perspective is a beautiful aspect of the free mind. It’s fun watching the world with eyes closed. But times change and so do priorities, and the need to keep the eyes open so becomes imperative as the nature of thought changes.

Although, I don’t have anything new to update I’d like to share this video. HOPE you’ll enjoy it.


Odd Singularity

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You cry for the dead,
We shed tears –
Tears of joy,
Tears of hope,
A hope for the future,
The bright one that glows,
Burns the moth of amity –
Where a merciless compassion
Rests pristine, preserved
From the world of duality –
Filled with tears of joy,
Filled with tears of sorrow.

I find no solace
Drifting along these grids,
A vibrant web endless, and
Quite different kinds and forms
Together swing rampant
What symphony! What tune!
What field! What force!
Spreads from behind
The cloak of time, and
In all absoluteness
Transcends unmanifested,
From a source unknown!

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Breakdream (Sweet Enigma II)

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It takes somewhere,
A place longed so long
In sins and despair
With average habits
That flow unchecked
Never push the limits;
Now rise and defy
And see it rising –
A golden hue
Amid the ebullient darkness.

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…So Breathe

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Cultivation of hope,
Fights its way through the soil;
With all the tenacity,
Learns to stand still
And continue to blossom
As long as the sun.
In sweet adolescence,
Dances with the wind
And sings. No song.
But, to inspire the world
And bestow upon thee,
A bud, a flower, a fruit,
A shelter, a home,
And air
For you to breathe –
Is all it longs…

joseph fourier
There it goes
The ugly time domain;
Filled with spikes
And mundane curves
That look like shards on a dusty floor;
That come from a china,
That from a mistress in France –
Clumsy and distressed.
He looks so polluted,
The Mr. Time Domain.

His look so polluted,
Vexes Mr. Fourier,
As he sips on his coffee
Recollecting the pictures on the wall
And how badly he had startled
Hearing the strident cry of help,
As the china touched the floor,
Full of spikes and mundane curves
Crying to be smoothened,
Crying to be transformed,
Into the frequency domain.