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That mirror.
Amid the absolute darkness.
Nobody knows.
Nobody cares.
There is that nobody.
Laughing at your basic theory,
Turns on the light.
Can you see him through that mirror?

A Time Traveler

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So deep into your thoughts,
Into the beautiful symphony of the millivolts,
Into the elusive state.
Whatever it is,
Whatever mystery or myth.
Not driven by obsession but desire.
A desire from your free will.
Perhaps your brainchild.
No motivation. Not needed.
For a time traveler about to hit the clock.
Good morning. Already.

Doctor? Engineer? Pilot?

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I like to go camping once in a while to get off the city hustle. Last weekend it was me and few lads I have known long enough to sit around fire. The place where I live, we never have winters, so the bonfire was not treasured as you may like. Given the time of year, it was nevertheless more chilly than usual. Enjoying the warmth, we frivolously indulged into conversation not knowing where it could lead. It just started with the question, “Why are you planning on doing a PhD, Nimesh?”. “I want to become a doctor and an engineer at the same time”, I replied jokingly. Additionally, I recounted on my culture, in which elders gave us blessings during festivals, saying, “Try to become a big person. Try to become a doctor, or an engineer, or a pilot”. For that, I will learn to fly airplanes once I finish my PhD, I said laughing.

Eventually it boiled down to money, life style etc. etc. that one will pass while pursuing PhD instead of a job, which I shall write. Someday.

IMAG0740 (1)

Right Round

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The earth revolves round its axis as it rotates around the sun, says the teacher. Newton and Einstein successively deduced gravity to promisingly explain the earth’s rotation around the sun. However, the explanation for our earth’s self rotation (wobbling) is, as of yet, unconvincing. It has been like this since the big bang, says science. Possible? Yes. Convincing? No, for the extreme serendipity. The earth rotating around it’s own, and at such optimal speed is something very critical for our existing. Without this rotation, there would be no life on the blue planet. In fact there would be no blue planet! Half of the earth would become red hot, while the other half would become white, perhaps blue. Also, half of the earth will have day, while the other half will have night. Forever. But since heat conducts no matter in space, heat from the hot region should flow towards the cold, and the cold part should also become hot in due time. How long would it take though? The hot part might tear away with radiation and the earth might lose its identity by that time. Or the earth might fall into the sun’s pit with the increasing gravity with time. Given the time constraint, will the earth be able to make it to thermal equilibrium? Let’s try to find out.

We need to calculate the total heat energy received from the sun against the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of the earth per degree celsius. We also have to incorporate the thermal conduction coefficient of the earth to calibrate the heat conduction. The specific heat capacity of the earth is 0.3 Kcal/kg.C, which is the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of earth by 1 degree celsius. Therefore, for the mass of the earth (5.972E24 kg), the amount of heat energy required to raise it’s temperature by 1 degree will be = 0.3 x 4.184 (calorie to joule) x 1000 x 5.972E24. The total energy required comes out to be 7.496E27 Joules. The total solar heat energy bestowed to the earth in a year is equivalent to 3.85E24 Joules. With this input energy, the rise in temperature of the earth’s surface in a year will be = 3.85E24/7.496E27, equaling to 0.5 milli celsius. Given this condition, it will take ~2000 years for the sun to increase the temperature of the earth by 1 degree, even though we neglected the heat loss to outer space and the not-so-efficient thermal conduction coefficient of the earth. Nevertheless, the earth should be able to come to thermal equilibrium and become all red before vanishing, given its life span.

This idea is only for the sake of thinking and is not derived or based on anyone’s previous work. The only thing that led to its invention is this song I am not much into contemporary music, but this song should get you off your chair too. It’s not explicit, you can blast it off your speakers. Enjoy.

Where do you look while SIPPING?

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Yesterday I was invited for a dinner at one of my friends’ house. After devouring the fish appetizer with full swing, we eventually sat for the final meal. The loud and raucous room suddenly turned into a peaceful arena, saturated with a spicy aroma of chicken curry. Everyone was so focused on their dishes, you could hear the next person humming on your side. I am a slow eater and tend to start my food as they become less warm. Patiently watching the steam dissipate, I saw one of my friend, in an inadvertent glance, swallow his full-bodied meal while drinking water. What fascinated me was the way he rolled his eyes while having the cup in his mouth. Before briskly putting the cup down, he surreptitiously looked at everyone’s food again. I was quite amused while my hasty friend was concerned about his chicken curry. Out of curiosity, I observed other people as they drank water from their cup. Where do they look while sipping? Do they look at their food? others food? or inside their cup? Does this mean anything?

As nobody cared to talk over voraciously eating their food, including me, I knew I was not going to be noticed. People gave off their nastied chews not knowing how someone was inappropriately watching them constantly. While I was trying to deduce my earlier friend’s behavior rushing with his food, which I thought as impatient and eager, one of my other friend picked her glass as I begun to capture in slow motion. In contrary to the previous one, she was quite the opposite. She looked at the water inside, it’s all right, and took a brief sip while looking inside the cup. In a very relaxed way, she kept her cup down with pin drop silence. She seemed overly cautious and careful to not let anyone hear the cup off and on, the sound of the drink flowing down her throat, and the new half-spoonful meal she chewed. Perhaps people looking inside their cup are either shy, content or thoughtful I felt. Momentarily, my other friend gave a loud burp, took a pause, and gulped the water watching his own food. As the situation suggested, I’d surmise people looking at their own food are rather unconcerned or carefree.

I was just trying to entertain myself in the process of bringing some fun into a quiet dinner. Do this peculiar behavior of sipping give any information about a person’s nature? How greedy or confidence or rich or poor they are? Is it a habit or a momentary behavior? I’ll leave that for someone else to answer.

2014 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,000 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 17 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Case Of The Pleasing Horn

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He stayed there for 4 odd seconds.
That cop in the middle of the busy road staring at me.
Then put his head down and crossed the street.
Improperly again.
What must have gone through his mind; I raced through.
Can’t give me a ticket for honking at him.
I smirked.