Bhagavad Gita

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Coming from a Hindu family, spiritual education was part of the growing process. Such education was pervasive and accessible, but I never felt the need to pursue it. I was too young to relate to the sermons and understand the implications. Last week, a casual, friendly discourse on non-action (Akarma in Sanskrit) incited me to study the Bhagavad Gita to learn to practice Akarma.

Karma well known in the western society, meaning action or performing a duty – is one of the three Karma Yoga explained in Bhagavad Gita. Akarma the holy karma and the one above all – pertains to performing a duty naturally and without obligation, not expecting an accolade, reward or proprietorship. To be able to perform Akarma is an incredible achievement as it requires complete devotion and detachment. It comes as a result of unrelenting Yoga, in which one subjugates the mind and the heart, sees the happiness within and is detached from the worldly allure.

Akarma is developed by exploring the deep realm of the mind, heart and in-between. Even though many wish to practice this sacred karma, the mind fails most of the many. The unbridled mind discriminates and makes judgements, calculates cause and effect and decides one’s action. The mind, without you knowing, expects fruit of your actions, and as a result engenders desire, anxiety, distress, hate, anger, ego, envy, confusion and similar temporal disturbances – perpetually. To be able to inhibit such involuntary emotions implies controlling the mind – the unit that controls and dictates the self. Is it possible to dominate this predominating unit and dictate the thought process? The need of guidance, I felt imperative; and to find answers, I pursued the Bhagavad Gita.

The experience was unique and enlightening. Unlike in science, where we deal with the outer space – explore the outside nature and formulate laws and principles, the Bhagavad Gita deals with the inner self. In other words, science explains the way of nature, while Bhagavad Gita explains the nature. Great physicists and scientists of the past have tried to reconcile the two, but the challenge is far from difficult.

Sweet Enigma

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It takes me back.
A deeply rooted melody,
Entangled with the past and
Ingrained inside the holy heart,
Conjures a grand retrospection;
Shuffles slide after slide
Of vivid memories that swarm
And petrify the poor mind.
As I traverse with no soul,
I smell the air filled with crops;
I smell the joy and the rain;
I sense the sun set by the warmth;
I relive everything again.


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That mirror.
Amid the absolute darkness.
Nobody knows.
Nobody cares.
There is that nobody.
Laughing at your basic theory,
Turns on the light.
Can you see him through that mirror?

Pulp Fiction

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He has been detained. Held in a dungeon deep inside a slum, he craves for a glimmer of light. Dmitri, a Russian oligarch, knows well of this man, Sam. Their history dates back to early 1980’s when they were in college. Prodigiously gifted, both were best friends, quite fairly, fierce adversaries. Trying to excel the other, both were in a tumultuous battle pursuing the same girl. An average girl from a nightclub – Sharon, was a paradigm of vanity and an etching subject both men could not resist. Breaking down psychology was a routine, and both men enjoyed the bemusement and vexation that entailed. Dmitri was more gravitated towards the study while his friend was growing attraction towards Sharon. It’s in Sam’s nature someways – coy, inarticulate, awkward, he fell for someone caring and lovable. The uncompassion and apathy of Dmitri, however, but quite normally, enamored Sharon. And with time, they became closer.

The Russian stands above the law in this part of the world, a reality Sam is well aware of. “Why did you do this to her?”, he asks Sam in his strong accent. Sharon has been in coma for over a month, after being found unconscious and brutalized in Sam’s house. “I’ll tell you at the right time”, Sam replies brooding over the floor. “So this is your pretext!”, he says, then checks his wrist. “The right time! The right time to rape my wife!”, he roars till it dins. “You’ll know when you need to know”, Sam asserts trying to convince him. In the quantum of silence, Sam acknowledges Dmitri’s restiveness driven by fury. Holding no reservations he utters in a commanding, spooky tone, “What does a monkey know of ginger, Dmitri?”. Darkness looms from the creek of the door before it consumes the stygian room as it is shut. Dmitri walks out, completely disoriented.

As he sits down unhinged inside his car, Sam’s voice resonates his right hemisphere of the brain. “What does a monkey know of ginger, Dmitri?”. His anxiety becomes overbearing as he reminisces Sharon saying the same sentence in that particular tone, once, perhaps after they had married. He hurries back to the dungeon, stupefied as if under spell, and orders the guard to release Sam. Sam walks out with his head down, slightly tilted, with an unfazed countenance as if he knew of all this. He stops and looks at Dmitri – a grim, mulish figure standing stiff forbidding all sorts of conciliation. He opens up to say something, but retreats. In few seconds, Sam dissolves into the crowd. Solicitous and disturbed, Dmitri goes for his pockets and picks out the car keys. He makes a beeline to the hospital and walks towards the hospital room to see his wife. He opens up the door, turns on the light, only to find Sam gasping, naked in sweat, next to his revived wife.

A Time Traveler

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Deep into your thoughts,
Into the beautiful symphony of the millivolts,
Into the ethereal domain.
Whatever it is,
Whatever mystery or myth.
Not driven by motive but desire.
A desire from your free will.
Perhaps your brainchild.
No motivation.
Not needed.
For a time traveler about to hit the clock.
Good morning. Already.

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Doctor? Engineer? Pilot?

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I like to go camping once in a while to get off the city hustle. Last weekend it was me and few lads I have known long enough to sit around fire. The place where I live, we never have winters, so the bonfire was not treasured as you may like. Given the time of year, it was nevertheless more chilly than usual. Enjoying the warmth, we frivolously indulged into conversation not knowing where it could lead. It just started with the question, “Why are you planning on doing a PhD, Nimesh?”. “I want to become a doctor and an engineer at the same time”, I replied jokingly. Additionally, I recounted my culture where elders performed ritual incantation during festivals and said, “Try to become a valuable person. Try to become a doctor, an engineer or a pilot”. I will learn to fly airplanes once I finish my PhD, I said laughing.

Eventually it boiled down to money, life style etc. etc. that one will pass while pursuing PhD instead of a job, which I shall write. Someday.

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Right Round

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Basis CMYK

The earth revolves round its axis as it rotates around the sun, says the teacher. Newton and Einstein successively deduced gravity to promisingly explain the earth’s revolution around the sun. However, the explanation for our earth’s self rotation (wobbling) is, as of yet, unconvincing. It has been like this since the big bang, says science. Possible? Yes. Convincing? No, for the extreme serendipity. The earth rotating around it’s own, and at such optimal speed is something very critical for our existing. Without this rotation, there would be no life on the blue planet. In fact there would be no blue planet! Half of the earth would receive no sunshine and feature no day (literally): a perpetual cold, dark night. Forever. And the other half facing the sun would become red hot; while the dark half, in fact, would become white – ice. Perhaps blue. Or may be not. Since heat propagates in all forms and space, heat from the hot region should flow towards the cold region, and the cold region should therefore become hot in some time. How long would it take though? The hot part might tear away with radiation and the earth might lose its identity by that time. Or the earth might fall into the sun’s pit with the increasing gravity with time. Given the time constraint, will the earth be able to make it to thermal equilibrium? Let’s try to find out.

We need to calculate the total heat energy received from the sun against the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of the earth by one degree celsius. We also have to account the thermal conduction coefficient of the earth to calibrate the heat conduction. The specific heat capacity of the earth is 0.3 Kcal/kg.C, which is the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of earth by 1 degree celsius. Therefore, for the mass of the earth (5.972E24 kg), the amount of heat energy required to raise it’s temperature by 1 degree is 0.3 x 4.184 (calorie to joule) x 1000 x 5.972E24. The total energy required comes out to be 7.496E27 Joules. The total solar heat energy bestowed to the earth in a year is equivalent to 3.85E24 Joules. With this input energy, the rise in temperature of the earth’s surface in a year will be = 3.85E24/7.496E27, equaling to 0.5 milli celsius. Given this condition, it will take ~2000 years for the sun to increase the temperature of the earth by 1 degree, even though we neglected the heat loss and the not-so-efficient thermal conduction coefficient of the earth. Nevertheless, the earth should be able to come to thermal equilibrium only to become all red, before its life span.

This idea is only for the sake of thinking and is not derived or based on anyone’s previous work. The only thing that led to its invention is this song I am not much into contemporary music, but this song should get you off your chair too. It’s not explicit, you can blast it off your speakers. Enjoy.