Why is Sageframe expected to excel the likes of the current CMS?

Posted: July 15, 2011 in Resouces
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With so many powerful CMS in the Dot NET market such as DNN, Kentico, Orchard and Umbraco having already made a firm base, #Sageframe is striving in the search of identity. DNN is the leading  undisputed CMS known by each and every Dot NET users, and why not? The features it offers is hard to emulate, be it the security features or the functionality. Kentico, the Google endorsed CMS, is proving to be a hard challenge for DNN and with #Sageframe ready to jet, the battle does seem to be a bloody one. Sit back, relax and strip on your sit belt folks…. the ride’s gonna be thrilling. Looking forward…

#Sageframe is  new but a very bright prospect for all .Net developers like me around the world. The best thing about this CMS is that it has integrated many features that were given separately by DNN, Kentico etc into one. The benchmark while developing seems to be DNN, no doubt. However, many problems concerned with DNN has been surmounted and pertinent amends has been made to improve the existing features. The biggest drawback of DNN (in my opinion) is the response time of a DNN using sites which has been drastically improved. The codes in DNN are very obsolete, and you need to lock yourself for a week and scour on each and every coding detail before working with DNN. One more concern is the URL dependency; if you need to change your domain name then your old database will be of no use. The URL dependency has been overcame, and this in fact is the most powerful feature of #Sageframe. Some other captivating features are:.

  • Different admin interface.
  • Can be enhanced as it allows extensions and modules.
  • Users can run multiple sites simultaneously while sharing a common database.
  • Multiple server and language support.

I do not like to post reviews, more specifically not in my blog. But I feel that I owe something to this component and the developers. Moreover, as this product is new and yet to commence, I wish that a little push from my side may provide a significant impetus for this extension to foster.

Download this extension for free from codeplex

  1. this is actually a very bad cms system since it does not enable the use of real masterpages. the framework relies on layouts that are translated in something masterpage-is, still these layout do not provide the option to implement more complexer designs.

    imagine having a central container that goes from the top of your site to the bottom, a design like this will require you to make one content container and then code all the html within that container, which means that later on your editor will have full access to the html tag,
    you can 100% he will fuck it up and you’ll going to have to look fix it, since all the data in a html container is stored in the database, I hope you’ll have a database back up.

    this framework is clearly build for very simple websites where the designer is also the editor and the developer. Trying to use this in a professional environment will only give you hell.

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