Employee of the Month – Nimesh Pokhrel

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Social

It was July, 2011. As usual, the day finally arrived when “Employee of the Month” was to be declared. Members from every team began to gather inside the ‘Gobingoo’ floor to express their participation. The event seems to be losing its charm among our Braindigit colleagues (perhaps a dance party at the end would add a little life). The floor began to pile up with the unconcerned faces that clearly gave the impression – “Whoever it be, I don’t care. Just want to go home, it’s already 6”. No sense of curiosity or enthusiasm was featured as everyone boarded their respective seats.

The manager calmed everyone with his usual wit. And as always, the inevitable long and everyday speech commenced. To add to our misery the deputy manager followed and killed us all. Finally, the course of events began with the manager announcing the name of the winners for respective categories. Thankfully, I won the valued “Most Dedicated” employee along with… sorry I forgot the name. I was not much concerned at that point. Time flied by along with the echo that followed each round of applause.

Finally, the moment of the day arrived. “Any guesses?” exclaimed the general manager with gusto. Nothing from the feeble attendants. He forced a smiled and got back to where he left. I was referring to a colleague when my name got announced. And boy was I not shocked! With everyone looking at my face and clapping, I did my best to hide the stupefied, ‘deer caught up in the headlight’, face.

The manager invited me to give a brief speech. Sadly, my tongue had already left me without prior notifications. All I could do was force a smile and stand there in front of all these people ready to eat me raw. Lost connections with the brain made me speak some serious drivel that I’m not quite aware of. I gave a speech (if I can say that) with fear that I might spill my pounding heart outta my mouth.  Finally, I walked back to my seat after few centuries, and with a big surprise – another round of applause. Yes, I was convinced. We definitely have to think about this event.

I never thought that I would win the “Employee of the Month” award excelling the 100+ employees here in Braindigit, and especially with members like Binod Shrestha, Santosh Dhakal and Parash Sitoula working here. These guys enjoy their polygamous life (perhaps they love coding more). I appreciate this recognition and the opportunity to work with these hard working people. I wish the best to all my colleagues. You are next, keep working hard.

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