Nepal Banda – The Brighter Side

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Offbeat, Social
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In a political climate where I could go onto spark a nation-wide strike for not getting the reddest of grapes, Nepal Banda is a familiar trite and a well-celebrated Nepalese culture. From neighbors’ quarrel on ‘who killed the chicken’ to major political parties’ altercations, have we ever reached an agreement through negotiation? No. Yes, strike is a must. And we, the proud civilians are always on the receiving end to bear the regular ordeals. How long we endure and put our freedom and rights at the corner is something you need to chew for a moment along with your tonight’s dinner. But hey! Before you decide to not bite the bullet anymore and let loose of your violet self, here are few positives about Banda to calm you down.

Before I start pouring some ice, I’m bleeding to throw few of my personal opinions on the way I couldn’t contain, which you can skip. Something of a deep ignominy I perceive, is the demand of many political parties to label their every dying affiliates as a martyr. Worthless to talk about these proclaimed visionaries, who, once for not getting their demands fulfilled, unleash their student dogs to wreck havoc onto streets, vehicles, even ambulances. Pardon thee for forgetting those brave patriots who righteously sacrificed their life during the Anglo-Nepal war and the Rana regime. Me? Nah! I have done enough chickening and hatching outside the class as a punishment by my ‘General Knowledge’ and ‘Nepali’ subject teacher. I can’t forget those names again, which we revere on the auspicious day “Sahid Diwas”. Also, if the martyr names so easily add up, think about the kids memorizing 100+ names! I, for one, denounce the ‘martyr’ labeling fashion. No chicken, no cries. No fries, no drumsticks and no nuggets as well.

Having mentioned all these unpleasant consequences, I dare to emphasize on some good aspects that a Banda carries with. Now, before I finger fuck the keyboard, I would like to express my consolation to all the job holders having to do the day’s commute by foot. But for me, as my office remain closed on the days of strike, Nepal Banda is another HOLIDAYAY to enjoy. A long sleep till the break of noon is always pleasing to the eyes and a solace to my restless mind. What makes it even better is seeing the red light next to the fuse gleaming. As load shedding hours are lessened on the days of strike, I don’t have to worry about charging my laptop. The outside is even more jovial. Children get animated with joy when they hear that their school is closed due to strike. Furthermore, as means of transportation is either bicycle or the 11 number bus (I mean your two legs) on such days, the atmosphere of the Kathmandu valley is deservedly relieved from the air and noise pollution. Seeing all the people walking on the road, a long walk suddenly becomes enjoyable and refreshing, and a little exercise to warm up those lazy bones. Sometimes, it also becomes quite eventful as forgotten friends and acquaintances stumble upon. Time to hit the tea shop.

Now something, in fact another thing, worth chewing for even longer with your dinner is – why can’t we exercise the Banda atmosphere without a Banda? In many developed cities like Beijing, there are more than nine million bicycles facilitating as many people to carry out their everyday work propelling here and there. Not because they don’t have enough resource to afford a motor vehicle, they do so in order to preserve natural serenity and minimize pollution. The question is, can you let go off your usual habit and dedicate a day (at least once a week) for mother nature and help the already dilapidated environmental condition of our beloved Kathmandu valley regain? All we need is a small spark. If you ask me, I won’t mind to walk a few miles for a good cause. In fact, I relish walking, listening to some good old songs with them ear phones plugged into my ears.

  1. herennow5 says:

    Great work! I would have preferred simpler words though– I am a layman.

  2. Nomad says:

    indeed a good post..!
    and as for the question asked, i say- “yes, i have what it takes to change for the betterment. Let’s do as much as we can to improve Nepal!” :D….

  3. openspce says:

    yes a BIG QUESTION MARK lies on What we can do? really we should start thinking now in fact ACT NOW.

  4. Thanks. I have edited few sentences to make it more simpler. Nice to see the motivation 🙂

  5. bnu says:

    Indeed there is brighter side, as I can see the marginalized people who can earn more during these bandas (people having their small shops at road side) but to be honest I seriously worry about the nation’s economic deprivation occurred during this time

  6. Vivek Bhandari says:

    राम्रो लग्यो !!! 😀

  7. Fitness tips says:

    Hi, really like the appearance of ones website. Can you mind saying what theme youre making use of? I’m not used to this and i am hoping to have mine looking anywhere close to cool as yours. Many thanks.

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