If one yearns back to the days of ancient computing, the recent development of powerful hand-held devices that boast inclusive working platform might be stupefying. Now as nostalgia sets in, we can only think back to that day when late Steve Jobs, the Apple honcho, first unveiled the groundbreaking development of iPad. With that, the inevitable was imminent – our usual habit of general computing and web browsing went through metamorphosis thereby giving birth to a new dimension to basic computing. Apart from witnessing an intuitive experience on a miniature level, which wasn’t necessarily seen before its time, one thing that shocked everyone was its highly competitive $500 starting price point, much lesser than what was anticipated. Even today, it seems that many companies strive to achieve that price figure– thus, bringing us into the constantly shifting price wars.

Now as I stumble upon these burgeoning tablet developments, I foresee a constant threat imparted upon the laptop and smart phone manufacturers, and most significantly to the titans itself – the expediency of the Apple’s iPad is now in jeopardy. Apparently that’s the key reason for major smart phone and laptop manufacturing companies like Samsung, Motorola, HP, Acer, Toshiba etc to venture into the tablet business. One reason for most of these tabs to groom and transcend iPad and other contemporary devices is the easy working platform offered by the Android OS. Development and deployment of app has become a walk in the park for aspiring mobile app developers – the key reason why android tablets has mushroomed over the past few years.

Now with the Samsung Galaxy tab been able to keep the iPad at bay with its all-in-all features and flexibility, Amazon – the eminent e-commerce portal, has dared to bite the bullet to disrupt the tablet ascendancy. Amazon with a perfect mindset first dropped the Kindle to cater readers who love to read electronic books. The highly sought device with its near-perfect attributes gained the deserved prominence in no time. The features they mention in their site describe it best to make you wonder:

  • 30 days battery life with a 3 hours complete charge.
  • Perfect screen resolution to avoid glaring so that one can read under a bright sun with no difficulty.
  • Millions of free books, music and movies from Amazon store.
  • Thousands of popular apps.
  • Cloud hosting to all Amazon products. And lots more…

With this huge success, Amazon subsequently released the much hyped Kindle Fire. Many, including me, were enthralled to find out its price and functionality. In addition to an easy-to-swallow $199, the Fire offers comprehensive features and ample of free stuffs – 9 million free books (now that’s fascinating), thousands of free songs, movies and popular apps. Amazon Kindle Fire is here itching to ignite itself into stardom – thanks to its combined functionality of being a Reader first with a superb battery life, display and performance. For an ardent book reader like me, a tablet replacement at such an affordable price with millions of free books and all inclusive features of that of a tablet, the Kindle Fire is definitely the first choice. But for others, will it contest to supersede the titans in the tablet landscape? Or will it merely prove to be nothing more than a laughable tablet wannabe?

  1. rjnmhrjn says:

    brief.. yet informative.. i dont think kindle fire can compete with ipad and other high end tabs in other processing… but the price is the only factor that entices the user. Besides that fire is not so hot…

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