Do you ever muse over your dream? How it originates? What it means or what it is? Perhaps, it’s just a mundane, worthless, surreal experience – sometimes scary and mysterious while sometimes a projection of your fantasies. Well, that’s dream. And it’s something no one seems to be interested about, even though it entails the most extraordinary experience. One of the thing that fascinates me is the way time slows down during dreaming. Your brain processes a large number of information in a very short time. Practically, your brain is working impossibly faster while you are dreaming than while you are conscious. The reason is pretty simple – as most of our senses get to rest, brain gets all the munchies.

A striking incident happened last week when I was traveling with two of my friends from Boca Raton to Miami. As I fell asleep on the way in the backseat of the car, I experienced this crazy dream of winning the lottery of 350 million (which probably got into the mix from seeing a lottery ad in a hoarding board). I received the full money (as there is no tax cut in dreams), but for some reasons (I can’t recall), I wasn’t allowed to spend the money. I woke up and asked my friends to stop by a store before we reached home. NOT! Dreams can be false and are most often so in my case. Well, I did not win the lottery, but that’s not my point. I was dreaming for 7 minutes (at most), as I happened to notice the dashboard clock (right in front of my eye) change from 9:35 to 9:42 in between. In these 7 minutes – I bought the lottery, won the lottery, got the money etc. etc. Life moved much faster in those 7 minutes of drama that spanned at least few days.

Scientists define dream as a recollection of past events and experience. This however contradicts with the free fall experience which many people like me do not have an experience of. To justify the claim, they assert the brain to be simulating such fall from real life experience of jumps and falls and likely enhancing it. I am no scholar and it might be true, but I happen to be a bit of a skeptic, and I, for one, don’t feel like believing in such unfounded assertions. Can we be so sure when we know so little about the brain itself? What I feel could be true is the eye and other senses stifling the brain to process things differently, and confining the brain to this inadequate 3 dimensional world. Or may be it’s the world itself that confines the brain and limits it’s potential. Will we be able to think faster if we were in a different world driven by different gravitational force, speed, physical parameters and constraints? May be. May be all you need to do to explore the universe is just close the eye for few minutes…


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