Einstein Special Theory of Relativity – Simplified

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Science
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Special theory of relativity is an extension of Galilean relativity. In simple, Galilean relativity states that if you are in an object that is moving at a constant speed, you won’t be able to tell whether you’re at rest or motion. For instance, we don’t feel any motion sitting in a planet that is rotating around the sun at a speed of 30km/sec. Einstein special theory of relativity takes the relativity perspective to one step forward by assuming time to vary like speed based on observer. Time is therefore no longer constant in special relativity. Some famous corollaries of this theory include the feasibility of time machine and time travel, a yard stick that would contract and expand depending on its velocity etc. This is the best video explaining ‘Einstein Theory of Relativity’ that I’ve seen in the web. Enjoy the video, it’s worth the time:

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