Where do you look while SIPPING?

Posted: December 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

Woman Drinking Glass of Water
Yesterday I was invited for dinner at one of my friends’ place. After devouring the fish appetizer with full swing, we eventually sat for the final meal. The loud and raucous room suddenly turned into a peaceful arena, saturated with a spicy aroma of chicken curry. Patiently watching the steam dissipate from my food, I saw one of my friend, in a glance, swallow his full-bodied meal with the mouth full water that he gulped. The way he rolled his eyes while having the cup in his mouth was worth something to muse for the quiet dinner. Before briskly putting the cup down, he surreptitiously looked at everyone’s food again. Watching my friend, eager for another piece of chicken, I sat bemused checking my smile. Out of curiosity, I observed other people as they drank water from their cup. Where do they look while sipping? Do they look at their food? Others food? Inside their cup? And does this mean anything?

As nobody cared to talk over voraciously eating their food (me included), I knew I was not going to be noticed. People gave off nasty chews oblivious to how someone was watching them, inappropriately. While I was reflecting on my earlier friend’s action – which I thought of as one from an ardent food lover (like my dad) – one of my other friend picked her glass as I begun to capture in slow motion. In contrary to the one before, she was quite the opposite. She looked at the water inside, figured it was all right, and took a brief sip while looking inside the cup. In a relaxed way, she kept her cup down with pin drop silence. She seemed to be cautious and careful to not let anyone hear the cup off and on, the sound of her drink flowing down her throat, and the new half-spoonful meal she chewed. Perhaps people looking inside their cup are shy, content or thoughtful, I felt. Momentarily, my other friend gave a burp, took a pause, and gulped the water looking at his half-empty plate. As per situation, I’d say people looking at their own food while sipping are blithe and carefree.

I was just trying to entertain myself in the process of bringing some fun into a quiet dinner. Does this idiosyncrasy provide an insight to someone’s nature? How greedy or generous, shy or confident, rich or poor he/she is? Is it a habit or just a momentary trait? I’ll leave that for you to answer.

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  1. Dev Annie says:

    For me it depends on situation. If that indicates any behavioral pattern, it is topic for researchers like you.

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